Screen The Film:

Educate your community.

America's 325 million residents own an estimated 347 million firearms. Not surprisingly, gun violence has become one of the most urgent public health issues facing Americans today. 91%: A Film About Guns in America examines the national conversation surrounding gun legislation by looking at the failure to pass a universal background check requirement.

Some suggested steps to get you started:

1. Choose a venue

Your local theater, school, church, community center, living room, etc.

2. Get the film

Click below to download or stream from your preferred service. Need a DVD? You can get one from Amazon. (All proceeds from film sales & rentals help the filmmakers defray the significant cost of making the film).

3. invite people to your screening

  • Create and share an event on facebook and/or other social media.

  • Contact local activism organizations for sponsorships and help with promotion.

  • Make a simple poster and hang it up in relevant places (your school, church, etc.)

  • Reach out to us if you'd like us to mention your event via our social channels and screenings calendar.

4. Screen the film

  • Press play. Be proud of yourself for taking action.

  • The film is only about an hour long, so there's plenty of time for discussion afterward. Here are some talking points to help you get started.

  • Take photos of your event and share them online via social media. Tag us in your posts if you'd like!

  • Encourage others to host screenings & donate to gun violence prevention organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety.

Reach out if there is anything we can do to help make your event a success!


Sponsor a Screening:

Not ready to organize a screening yourself just yet? Consider making a financial contribution to help others screen and promote the film.